St. Patrick’s Day Baked Chocolate Stout Donuts with Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee Glaze


Happy Monday everybody!!!

Now I know what you might be thinking… “there is no such thing as a happy Monday morning…” and believe me, there are definitely Monday mornings when I would not be able to argue with that statement. However, this particular Monday morning was pretty much the most fantastic Monday morning of all time. How is that possible you ask? Well all of the credit for this spectacular Monday morning is due to these chocolatey, boozy, moist, fluffy little donuts from Irish heaven.

That’s right – this is the kind of amazingness that happens when St. Patrick’s day and donuts collide! Yup… I started this St. Patrick’s Day Monday morning off right with these little bites of heaven, (despite the fact that they are laced with stout and baileys Irish cream,)… I’m sorry is it inappropriate to have beer and liqueur for breakfast??? Well, we will just ignore the inappropriateness of this situation for the time being  it was possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made, ;P.

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Why hello lovelies!


Hello everyone and welcome to my baking blog! First off I want to thank everyone who has followed me as I made my move from my initial blogger website to this fantastically awesome new wordpress site!I love you all and thank you for your support!. When I first started my baking blog last year, I joked about being a complete and utter “blog virgin.” That’s right! Not only had I not ever had a blog, I had also never even looked at a blog. Well, I am slightly embarrassed to tell you that after almost a year of writing my own blog, I still would not call my self a savant on what constitutes a good blog. I can only hope that what I was talking before, and plan to continue doing, was slightly interesting and that the recipes will keep you coming back. Once again, I have to say that I probably should have filmed the process of me creating this new and improved blog and posted it online, as that footage would have been a comedy show in itself. You know, all the experts say that I grew up in the generation of technology and therefore I should know how it works… well, I am just living proof that the experts were wrong, because I really don’t know as much as I should. I literally just installed the pinterest app on my phone three weeks ago and still don’t know how it works… enough said.

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