Nothin’ but Strawberry Layer Cake


I don’t know how it happened, but somehow we have already come to the end of strawberry season (insert distressed emoji here.) 

Seriously how can this be!? It seems like it was just yesterday that fresh, local strawberries were showing up to the Farmers Market in glorious abundance and just a few weeks later our local strawberries are increasingly hard to find. My heart breaks…

Last week, I received a special request from the lovely Jamie asking me to bake her mom a strawberry cake for her birthday on July 2. Of course I was delighted to oblige, but because I am something of a procrastinator, it seems that I waited much too long to buy fresh strawberries to make this cake. So the night before her birthday I found myself running around town like a little tornado, seriously struggling to find a local source that wasn’t completely sold out of their stock these delicious little berries.

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Triple Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate & White Chocolate Butter Cream


I often get asked the question…  “what is your favourite thing to bake?” You would think that as somebody who loves baking so much that I would have a definitive answer to this question on standby at all times… but I have to confess, I really have no idea what my favourite thing to bake is.

I don’t know why, but I find the fact that I don’t have an answer to this seemingly simple questions super concerning. I mean I am constantly making claims about my love and passion for baking, and yet I can’t tell you what my favourite thing to bake is…What does this say about me exactly? That I don’t really have a true passion for baking? That I am secretly just a hack? These are the questions that circle in my mind every time somebody asks me this question and I come up blank.

Okay, so maybe I’m reading a little (a lot) too much into this, but I think that the reason why I don’t have a definitive answer is honestly because I truly just love to bake everything. Whether it be cookies, layer cakes, muffins, scones, loafs, cheesecakes, brownies, cupcakes, pies, pastries – As long as something starts with butter and sugar that I can whip into a fluffy frenzy, I am officially in baking heaven.

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Vanilla Layer Cake with Whipped Chocolate Cream Frosting for Dad’s Birthday!


Hello all! This will be my first post since the name change to my website! I was very sad to change it but it was pointed out to me that the previous website name was the same as another blog and in the interest of remaining unique and distinguishing my website from others out there, I decided it would be best to change my name. This new name really says everything about what I am blogging about on this website so I think it is a good fit. Let me know what you think, but for now, lets move onto more important things like… CAKE!

It was my Dad’s birthday a couple of weekends ago and naturally we celebrated by doing a traditional home cooked meal at my parents house, complete with this very large and very delicious birthday cake. I love birthday’s for one simple reason and that reason is the CAKE! As one of my favourite people of all time, Julia Child, would say “A party without a cake is just a meeting.” Seriously, how could you not love that woman when she coins phrases like this one?

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