Maple Cream Cheese, Bacon & Caramelized Apple Flat Bread


Weeknights have the tendency to become a little hairy for Cole and I. Between working full-time, preparing for our weekly Saturday Farmers Markets, up-keeping the house, taking care of our new kitty, {and just life in general}, we are finding that we don’t really have much time to dedicate to sitting down for a nice relaxing dinner …. or you know just feeding ourselves dinner at all. Most evenings I am so engrossed in market preparation I just ignore dinner because I don’t want to mess with my baking momentum.┬áSo by the time I actually finish all my baking business it’s somehow already 8pm and I just can’t bring myself to dirty up any ┬ámore dishes to make a nice meal for Cole and I.

So as a result, pretty much all summer long our dinners have consisted of BBQ’d chicken and salads, which I know this is a super healthy dinner – and I am not one to complain about a delicious salad for dinner – but I do feel a tid bit of guilt for not finding the time to jazz up our dinner routine lately for Cole’s sake. Although he would never ever complain about a meal that is put in front of him, {because he is pretty much the most easy going human being on the planet when it comes to food}, but I do love to feed him up with fun new creations that I dream up in the kitchen. So the fact that we have had over 3 months without any kind of new excitement on our dinner plates is a little disheartening to me.

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