Dark Chocolate Cappuccino Biscotti


It’s official – I am obsessed. Okay, okay, I know I say that a lot, but let’s face it, I think it’s safe for us to point out the obvious and say that I have a bit of an obsessive personality. And when I say “a bit” of an obsessive personality, what I really mean is that I have a lot of an obsessive personality. If you don’t believe me, just as Cole – he can tell you all about it 😀

Now, for the sake of having nothing but kind words for ourselves, rather than calling a spade a spade and describing this personality trait of mine as just plain weird, let’s just say that this obsessive trait of mine is quirky… that’s a good word right – quirky? Yes, I like it, but I have to admit that this quirky personality trait can become a bit of an inconvenience to my life at times. Take my current obsession with re-watching the TV series Lost on Netflix for example; Every night Cole and I watch an episode of Lost, and every night I get so obsessed about what is going to happen in the next episode that I end up making us stay up to watch episode, after episode, until before I know it, it’s 2 am on a weeknight and we both need to be up in three and a half hours…. whoopsies. (Cole can tell you all about this too 😛 )

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