Mini Lemon Sauce Pudding Cakes


I will always cherish the relationship my Mom and I have because we have been lucky enough to be an extremely close Mother-Daughter pair. My Mom must be held accountable for the success of our relationship because she is the one who has always made it so easy to get along with her. Not only is she the most kind, understanding and loving Mother on the planet, but she has also always made it extremely easy for me to be open and honest with her about everything that is going on in my life. I am a very lucky girl to have her in my life.

Because we enjoy each others company so darn much, we make a point to schedule regular Mother-Daughter days, where we just spend the entire day together doing whatever it is that we feel like doing. It really doesn’t matter what we do whether its baking, roaming the mall, going for a walk in West Vancouver, shopping at Whole Foods, going for lunch or just sitting on the couch watching Crazy Stupid Love, (we love this movie,) as long as we are together, we are happy.

Unfortunately with the chaos of our lives these past few months we haven’t been able to have our usual days together and we have both been extremely distressed by this issue. So finally, this past weekend my Mom and I were able to coordinate one of our famous “Mother-Daughter Days,” and it could not have been more perfect!Read More