Our Oregon Roadtrip!


Hey peeps!

My apologies for the delay between posts in the last week, but Cole and I were  touring around the beautiful state of Oregon for the past week. So bad news – I don’t have any new recipes to share toda –  but, I do have some awesome pics and little anecdotes from our amazing road trip. I know it’s not my usual post, but we had such an amazing time I really wanted to share it with you all.  If you have ever thought about taking a tour of this gorgeous state, I really hope that this post will give you the final push that you need to do it, because it really is spectacular.

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Our Incredible Kelowna Stay @ the Teehouse B&B

Hi everybody!

Okay, so who else thinks that this summer is just flying by!? I can’t believe it is already the middle of July! Gah – I don’t want it to end. Do you have any exciting holidays or perhaps a few extra longgg weekend getaways planned? Cole and I are all about the extra long weekend getaways in the summer time. It’s amazing how an extra Friday or Monday being added to your usual weekend can just make you feel like you really had a vacation. All in favour of the three-day weekend say I!

So a couple weeks back Cole and I had such an amazing little mini trip up to Kelowna for an extra longgg weekend getaway. It was amazing – we just love to visit the Okanagan, and Kelowna in particular.  I managed to get a couple decent shots of the gorgeous scenery up there which I have shared here.  But let’s face it I am no photographer so if you have never been, I really recommend you put Kelowna on your list of places to visit, because it is just so stunning.

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